Well Drilling

A professional Well Drilling service from our experienced and dedicated team


As a family business  we have a great deal of experience of drilling water wells for water supply ,(2010 is our 25th year of drilling boreholes). We are capable of comfortably drilling up to 200 metres in depth, and can complete the well in a variety of diameters from 150mm to 300mm.

We have a no water no fee policy in most areas and also have a fixed cost for the job with no extra charges if we have to drill deeper to get you a water supply.This will be notified to you on your quotation

We have carried out projects to provide water for domestic water supply , commercial supply, ponds, moats, and lake topping up systems.
We have also supplied wells for irrigation systems, emergency water supply , and water supply to paddocks and livestock.

Be independent , have your own natural water supply , and start saving money today , your own borehole will deliver in most cases water at a 20th of the cost of mains water and no worry of hosepipe bans

Unlike many of our competitors we prefer to supply a full service which may include not just the borehole, but also pump, pressure vessel, ,trenching etc, depending on your requirements.

At your request we can provide you with an  estimate of the cost of your borehole based on our vast experience and detailed geological records(some areas may need a detailed water prognosis report by a hydrogeologist, which we can arrange at cost).

Our drilling rigs we use cable tool percussion to drill the borehole and they usually provide up to 25 % more water from the well than the same diameter borehole drilled by a rotary rig due to their unique drilling action. Our rigs do not have to use any additives or mud to drill with that can block the water bearing fissures and porous zones in the well and are ultimately utilising a ‘greener’ method.

With the rising cost of mains water your own supply will quickly become an increasing asset. Many of our water systems have paid for themselves in the first year of installation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much would my water well cost?
A.In the first instance please contact us for a free quotation, or simply a general chat. It would largely depend on the geology beneath the property and the depth to the water aquifer.

Q. Will the well ever dry up?
A. We drill to a great depth below the water table which allows for seasonal fluctuations ,and drought years, there would have to be no rain for several years to seriously effect a deep borehole.

Q. Do I need a licence for my own well?
A. No, only if you intend to abstract more than 4400 gallons (20m3) per day (unlikely!)

Q. How long does will the whole process take?
A. This would depend on the depth of the well and would be discussed before we mobilise to site. Usually anything from 2 days to one month.

Q. What type of rig would be used?
A. Once again this would depend on the type and depth of the well required and your geological location. Rest assured that we have an extensive range of plant, and would mobilise the correct drilling with suitable capabilities.

Remember No Water No Fee  (in most areas)  contact us today

Your quotation will inform you if your proposed borehole qualifies for our no water no fee policy , (most locations do qualify).